Create requests with a Request node

Using the request-client.js library

Use @requestnetwork/request-client.js to connect to a node and create requests.

More information is available on github.

You can also follow this example.

Using an already deployed node

If you have access to an already deployed node, connect the library to it like explained here.

Deploying your own node

You may want to deploy your own node, for example in a development environment. This is how:

  • git clone

  • Console 1

    • Install and setup an IPFS node

    • ipfs daemon

  • Console 2

    • cd packages/ethereum-storage

    • yarn run ganache

  • Console 3

    • cd packages/ethereum-storage

    • yarn run deploy

    • cd ../request-node

    • yarn run start

Signing transactions

Transactions are signed through Signature Providers. Today, the providers available for use are: