API Apps


Developers can build on top of Request API by creating Applications.

Your application will be able to read, create, and perform actions on requests, on behalf of your users, once they grant this permission.

Getting started


Unlock this option by getting in touch with us on the Request Hub.

Authenticate your app into the Request Portal
  • First, make sure you have signed up to Request
  • Fork our demo codesandbox
  • Copy the generated URL for your codesandbox' app (You can get it in the codesandbox Browser; it should look like https://xxxx.csb.app)
  • Go to https://dashboard.request.network/settings/apps and click "Create"
    • Choose whatever name you want
    • Input your codesandbox URL as "Callback URL" and "Logout URL"
    • Click Create
    • Copy the ID field in the line that just appeared.
  • In codesandbox, go to the .env file and set the variable REACT_APP_CLIENT_ID to your generated Client ID.
  • Now, click the Login button on the generated example. You should be able to log in using your Request account.

To properly test your integration, you should connect to the sample app using different credentials than those of your app. Typically, you should have a fake user that you use to perform end-to-end tests.

As an app developer, you will not see your users' requests in your dashboard.

Authenticating users

Users of an application built on top of Request Portal API need to authenticate with the OAuth2 mechanism. We recommend using Auth0 SDKs to integrate it, but you are free to choose whatever you want.

The authentication's domain is auth.request.network.

In the codesandbox app above, you can check how onboarding looks like for first time users of Request.

Get help

Do you have questions ? Or do you have trouble authenticating your app? Get in touch with us on the Request Hub.