Payment detection

If a payment network has been given to the request, the payment detection can be done.

From the information provided in payment network, the library will feed the property balance of the request with:

  • balance: the sum of the amount of all payments minus the sum of amount of all refunds

  • events: all the payments and refunds events with the amount, timestamp etc...

The payment networks available are:

  • Detection made programatically:

    • Types.PAYMENT_NETWORK_ID.BITCOIN_ADDRESS_BASED ('pn-bitcoin-address-based'): handle Bitcoin payments associated to a BTC address to the request, every transaction hitting this address will be consider as a payment. Eventually, the payer can provide a BTC address for the refunds. Note that the addresses must be used only for one and only one request otherwise one transaction will be considered as a payment for more than one request. (see Bitcoin)

    • Types.PAYMENT_NETWORK_ID.TESTNET_BITCOIN_ADDRESS_BASED ('pn-testnet-bitcoin-address-based'): Same as previous but for the bitcoin testnet. (for test purpose) (see Bitcoin)

  • Consensus between the request stakeholders:

    • Types.PAYMENT_NETWORK_ID.DECLARATIVE ('pn-any-declarative'): Can be use with any currency. The payments and refunds are documented by the payer and the payee of the request. It does not ensure payment detection, only a consensus is made between the payer and the payee. (see declarative requests)