Add Stakeholder

A dialog box for granting third-party access to an encrypted invoice created via Request Finance

The add-stakeholder component allows Builders to quickly integrate the Request Finance Add Stakeholder widget into their applications.

The Request Finance Add Stakeholder widget provides a dialog box for end-users to grant third-party access to one of their encrypted payment requests created via Request Finance. Then, under the hood, Request Finance calls request.addStakeholders() to add the third party as a stakeholder to the encrypted payment request.

Access is granted on a per-request basis. Once we prove market demand for this feature, we hope that Request Finance will improve its widget to allow granting access to multiple requests at a time.

The template comes in the form of a Web Component and a native Svelte component, provided by the @requestnetwork/add-stakeholder package. The Web Component can be used anywhere including, but not limited to, React, Next.js, Vue, Svelte, or as a browser script.


npm install @requestnetwork/add-stakeholder


Web Component in React, Next.js, or Vue

import '@requestnetwork/add-stakeholder'

export default function App() {
    return (
        <add-stakeholder builderKey="..." webhookUrl="..."/>

Native Svelte component

import { AddStakeholder } from '@requestnetwork/add-stakeholder'
<AddStakeholder builderKey="..." webhookUrl=".."/> 

Web Component in Svelte

import '@requestnetwork/add-stakeholder'
<add-stakeholder builderKey="..." webhookUrl="..."/>

Web Component in Browser

<script src="./node_modules/add-stakeholder/dist/web-component.umd.cjs" defer></script>
<!-- or -->
<script src="//" defer></script>

<add-stakeholder builderKey="..." webhookUrl="..."/>

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