Deploying a node in Kubernetes with Helm

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Deploying a Request Node on Kubernetes is straightforward using our helm chart.

You can see our chart in our git repository.

Adding the chart

We host our chart on our helm repository, since we upgrade it frequently. To add our chart you can run:

helm repo add request
helm repo update

Installing the chart

To install our chart with the release name my-release, you can run:

helm install --name my-release request/request-node --set nodeEnv.mnemonic=<your wallet mnemonic>,nodeEnv.web3ProviderUrl=<your web3 provider url>,nodeEnv.networkId=<ethereum network (1 mainnet or 5 goerli)>

You will need to set up some required values, like mnemonic, web3ProviderUrl (you can use infura API) and networkId (either 1 for mainnet or 5 for goerli).

You can check out all our chart configuration options here.

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