Use cases

What can you do with Request Network? Request Network is an open-source protocol that revolves around payment requests. Developers can contribute and create new use cases using invoices on the network.
Request Network supports the following payment methods:
  • Mainnet
  • Most EVM-Compatible blockchains (over 14 blockchains)
  • ERC20 (over 150 currencies)
  • Escrow
  • Streaming (using Superfluid)
But.. an Invoice is just a piece of paper, no?
We created this section to give you a brief overview of the current and future use cases that could be built using the Request Network Protocol, and show you how to leverage your invoices.


Payment Requests living on-chain can be used for accounting purpose, as highlighted by the Request Finance product.


Because invoices live on-chain, most work can be automated using smart contracts. This allows the integration of banking use cases at a lower cost, such as:


On the Request Network protocol, a RequestNFT can be minted to represent your invoice. Whoever owns the RequestNFT is the recipient of the payment. NFTs are easely supported in DeFi. It opens up a lot of opportunity such as:

Other use-cases that require an on-chain receipt

Request Network allows you to keep track of your previous payments. This finds application for multiple use-cases such as Gaming, E-Commerce, etc. and any use case where a proof of payment is required.