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How our roadmap flow works

To keep progression tracking as simple as possible for you, we’ve divided our roadmap into separate Themes. Each theme hosts its own set of goals, which will either be showing the status ‘in-progress’, ‘up next’ or ‘completed’, always contributing to the bigger thematic goal. The order of goals within each separate status block is not a representation of the priority we give them. Goals might be merged over time to keep the roadmap clean.

This makes it possible to quickly discover the latest progress that is being made in real-time. When one or multiple goals are reached, they will move from in-progress towards completed, contributing to the historical roadmap of the Request Network. A new (set of) goal(s) from the ‘Up Next’ section will simultaneously shift to in-progress, which the team will then spend their resources on. This way we can keep (re-)prioritizing goals to work on next, making the foundation a lot more agile on leading the way to a universal financial application ecosystem while giving you the most accurate state of development.

Protocol Development Thematic goal: Create an open-source and interoperable financial application blockchain protocol, to be taken advantage of by app developers without permission

The Protocol Development theme will track all development that is currently in-progress (or has been delivered) contributing directly to the protocol of the Request Network. The Request Network protocol will serve as the engine on which the Request Network applications will run. It gives app developers all the decentralized tools needed to build their own financial application without third party permission. Development made here contributes to the thematic goal, increasing the robustness of the core and extension layers and is carried out by the core development team of the foundation. The development goals which are listed under the Protocol Development theme are currently focused on: - Increasing Data Privacy & Security - Expanding Protocol Extensions & Features - Enabling Interoperability & Scaling.

App Development Thematic Goal: Grow adoption, awareness and use of the Request Network ecosystem, by creating applications on top of the protocol.

The App Development theme will track all development that is currently in-progress (or has been delivered) contributing to developing and delivering successful financial applications that leverage the Request Network protocol. To keep it simple, this theme only tracks development made by direct team members and does not show outside community development.

Several app development squads, consisting of a product manager, an agile coach and team members work on an iteration of the use-cases earlier stated in our mind map. These teams will be supported by the foundation through knowledge and operational support, with the goal to become a self sustaining business with a legitimate business model & go-to-market plan.

The development goals that are listed under the App Development theme are currently focused on: - Delivering the Crowdfunding Application - Delivering the Payments Application - Delivering the Accounting Application

The roadmap will always contribute to achieving the long term Request Network Foundation’s mission. We reinvent how we experience payments, rebuild trust and integrity in the financial industry and are at the forefront of financial inclusion. We inspire and educate companies, developers and entrepreneurs to use the Request Network protocol and build an ecosystem of financial applications together that is open source, seamless and interoperable in a more global economy.