Request Fund

Our goal is to scale the Request Project in a decentralized way and build an efficient future together. For this to happen, we came up with a (non-exhaustive) project list. Each project can be developed either by the Request team or by anyone inside the Request Hub ecosystem. If developed by someone or a company from the ecosystem, Request will reward contributors with grants.

We’re looking for passionate people and teams who are willing to join forces to build out Request more efficiently. There are many other projects Request could support, we will thus update the list over time.

Here is a first list of project ideas we would be keen to fund:

  • Mobile apps to create, detect, and pay requests

  • Invoicing apps (Paypal-like)

  • Point of Sale (Square-like)

  • P2P payment apps (Venmo-like software)

  • Crowdfunding apps (Patreon- or Kickstarter-like)

  • Online payments e-commerce plugins (WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento,…)

  • Payroll apps (Gusto-like)

  • Supply chain traceability

  • Accounting apps (Quickbooks-like)

  • Smart financial auditing algorithms

  • IoT platform integration (IBM Watson, AWS IoT, Azure IoT, etc…)

  • Factoring apps

  • Expenses (Expensify-like)

  • Virtual Reality payment integrations

  • Off-chain reputation systems

  • Crypto-currencies VAT/Tax payments

  • Insurtech

If your project in addition to one of these fields is also promoting financial inclusion or access to education, we will definitely regard that as a bonus.