Company Culture

Last updated 5 months ago

We are here to serve as a bridge between the established and future world. By enabling easy to use payment requests on the blockchain, the Request Network ecosystem empowers everyone in the world to take full control over their personal finances.

Our belief at the Request Network is that requesting a payment in life, in any form, should be trustless, effortless and automated. Creating and sustaining a platform that empowers every builder to disrupt the way we do business tomorrow is what we aim for, and what we echo to the world.

At Request Network, we truly believe that success comes from identifying personal values and embedding these in the way we work together as a team, as a community and with the world. These values are what drives our deepest motivations. We believe that by recognizing the importance of these six value pillars, the Foundation team will always stay true to the original vision of The Request Network philosophy. These values define who we are and what we stand for. We call this the Request Network DNA.


Achieving things in life is what gives us the motivation to wake up every day. Seeing the energy, heart and soul you put into something bloom into beautiful results is what makes us truly happy human being, both in our professional and personal lives. Achievements come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from developing a disrupting platform or a beautiful new website, to seeing your children grow up healthy.

The Request Network enables all those who want to achieve something great in life by stimulating permissionless innovation using the Request Network Platform. We do this by being open to anyone that wants to have an impact on the world creating something he or she loves, without needing permission from us to do so. Let’s achieve something great together.


Being completely free in your personal approach to tackle challenges is what encourages real creativity. Creativity is achieved by walking undiscovered paths, not sticking to a strict set of rules, and being free to experiment, fall, and get back up again. At the Request Network Foundation, we give everyone the room and freedom to try out new ideas, as we believe that is the only way to come up with unique solutions. We do not judge people by failure, but praise them for trying and becoming a more experienced person in the process. The Foundation accelerates those that dream big and chase ideas that are considered ‘impossible’.


At Request Network we focus on building a highly efficient world by giving everyone the chance to work on something they truly love. By this philosophy, people will optimize the way they spend their available resources, making them the most efficient version of themselves. This results into an efficient environment to work in, which brings a lot of positive effects to all people that experience this on a daily basis. A motivated and determined team, passionate people that share a common interest and boosted enthusiasm within the community is the exact environment we want to facilitate to everyone that engages with us, so the Foundation gives grants to people that demonstrate commitment to this mentality and build what they feel is right. And while we structure our professional lives around the things we love doing, efficiency should ultimately result to more personal time.


Being a free person in the world we live in is an often overlooked part of society. Having complete freedom in the decisions you make can greatly improve the quality of life and is something we value deeply. The definition of freedom ranges widely for each individual, from working remotely to initiating the start of a new project at Request Network Hub. The foundation lays trust in the hands of people that are engaged with us, giving the freedom to think, say and do what they think suits the situation best. This results in great autonomy, and gives great responsibility to everyone that chooses to be free. Being free to follow your dreams without limitations is what keeps us passionate.


We value others as much as we value ourselves and strive to work in a world where trusting each other is as important as trusting oneself. Cooperation at the Request Network means that we are open to the ideas of others and recognise that by helping others we help the foundation, community and us as individuals grow. By working together as one team we achieve greater results than working alone. We think that by having a strong relationship with everyone that is engaged with the Request Network our work is impacted in a positive way. This is what true cooperation means to us.


Integrity is very important in everything we say and do. We respect each other, the community and the industry as a whole and stay honest towards ourselves and others in every decision we make. We say what we do and do what we say, and are as transparent as possible while working on supporting the Request Network platform. By showing openness in our communication and the way we treat others we make this world a place worth living in together. Underpromise and overdeliver is our motto.

By staying true to these six pillars we aim on transforming the world into a fair, inclusive and well distributed place. The Request Network is here to act as a bridge between the centralized and decentralized world, and the Foundation is here to support and educate all builders, enthusiasts and early adopters in their own mission to contribute to a decentralized ecosystem.